Intelligent sensor systems

More control and efficiency through real-time data collection and processing

Sensors are central key components in the Smart Factory and Smart City sectors. We develop intelligent sensor systems with the aim of collecting process, environmental and environmental data in product manufacturing and urban areas, evaluating it in real time and making it available for the implementation of modern applications.


Our range of services

Application-specific data acquisition and processing
We develop intelligent sensor systems with the aim of adapting production processes adaptively and dynamically to changing environmental conditions. Data from production systems are collected and pre-processed for subsequent AI-based evaluation. The result is a more efficient and economical operation of production systems.

  • Data acquisition on the basis of multi-sensor concepts
  • Sensor fusion and local preprocessing in real time
  • Connection to industry 4.0 communication interfaces
  • Application-specific use of RISC, FPGA and GPU technologies

Industry 4.0-Retrofit 
Our retrofit solutions enable existing machines to be functionally upgraded and integrated into an Industry 4.0 network to achieve greater transparency, control, planning and flexibility in production. The focus here is on potential evaluations with a production data acquisition system as well as permanent retrofit solutions. 

  • Production data acquisition INAsense for potential evaluations
  • Compact OPC UA-based retrofit solutions for machines and systems
  • Application-specific miniature solutions for integration into machine components

KI-based optical quality inspection

We develop solutions for optical quality control based on artificial intelligence, which are optimized for easy applicability in medium-sized companies. The result is a very fast and powerful configurable analysis possibility compared to classical model-based image processing.

  • Quality inspection without workpiece-specific programming of test routines 
  • Easy integration by using established image analysis platforms
  • Consideration from lighting to integration into the production process
  • Suitable for the inspection of food, plastic and metal parts

Know-how and equipment

  • Interdisciplinary know-how in the fields of mechanical and plant engineering, automation technology, information and communication technologies, hardware and software development
  • High-quality, advanced sensor equipment, measuring and testing devices and climatic chamber
  • Sensors and methods for optical AI-based quality inspection
  • INAsense production data acquisition systems for industrial 4.0 retrofitting applications
  • Intelligent workpiece carrier INAcarry for data acquisition of interlinked production plants with only one sensor system
  • Real lab SmartFactoryOWL with industry 4.0 production facilities
  • Reallabor Lemgo Digital with extensive sensor equipment in public spaces for applications in the Smart City context

Further Information

Research topics and projects