In the middle of Ostwestfalen-Lippe, one of Germany's strongest regions for mechanical engineering and industrial electronics, we are working on innovative solutions in the field of intelligent automation. In this way we would like to provide our partners from the automation technology and the mechanical and plant engineering as well as manufacturing companies with competitive advantages through directly applicable technologies and processes. We focus our activities on the following business areas:


Intelligent sensor systems

More control and efficiency through real-time data collection and processing


Industrial Communication & IoT

A reliable digital infrastructure is the basis for industrial IoT applications.



Big Data Platforms

Machines and plants become intelligent through real-time computer models of the technical process.



Machine Learning

Achieve added value in production through intelligent data analysis.


Symbolic methods and optimization

Advantages of AI without data sources thanks to self-learning systems


Cyber security in production

Digitization needs IT security expertise in medium-sized businesses - Now also in Ostwestfalen-Lippe



Assistance Systems

Complex technical systems require intuitive human-technology interfaces.


Data-Driven Business

Support and guidance in the identification, development, commercialization and operation of data-based value creation models.


Future City Solutions

Fraunhofer Future City Solutions' mission is to enable small and medium-sized cities in particular to benefit from intelligent, digital solutions.

Application fields / real laboratories


Lemgo Digital

Lemgo Digital is the Fraunhofer real lab for developing and testing new IoT technologies in real urban environments.



SmartFactoryOWL is the Industry 4.0 research and demonstration platform for SMEs in OWL.