Big Data Success Stories

Presentation of our projects in the field of industry.

OPC UA guide for the introduction to medium-sized businesses

„Together with Fraunhofer IOSB-INA, VDMA aims to build up expertise in the field of Industrie 4.0 communication
 - Dr. Christian Mosch, VDMA 

Customer benefits:

  • Guide Industrie 4.0 communication with OPC UA provides orientation for companies
  • Graphic development steps show companies a migration path to Industrie 4.0 communication
  • English translation of the guide aims at increasing international importance
  • Future approaches to Industrie 4.0 standardization sharpened in the VDMA

Implementation of the management shell for a trade fair demonstrator

„Together, this project broke new ground in order to develop a deeper understanding and to present it on schedule at the demonstrator
." - 
Phoenix Contact

Customer benefits:

  • Demonstration of Industrie 4.0 solution expertise
  • Demonstration of the Industrie 4.0 application scenario Value-Based-Services

Modeling and development of an OPC UA client/server environment for the craft sector

„You have to scrutinize your entire workflow - in parallel to your day-to-day business. That costs time and energy. We received competent advice and were able to access a network of supporters. After the project, we can work even more efficiently.“ 
- Becatex

  • Implementation of OPC UA to increase the transparency of production processes
  • Modeling of extensible information models that form a common database
  • Communication between OPC UA server and client for standardized data exchange
  • OPC UA serves as a data hub between production and operational and corporate management levels