Research topics, projects and industry

Learn about current and future research topics and projects.  

  • Digital twin for Industry 4.0 (management shell, Asset Administration Shell): Technical infrastructure for digital twins (TeDZ), Industrial Automation Platform for Big Data (IAP), KI Reallabor: Message of the PI4.0 
  • Open platform for virtualization of controllers (CrossTEP-VirtualPLC)
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Platforms (Machine Learning for Production (ML4P), AI Marketplace: The Ecosystem for Artificial Intelligence in Product Creation, its-3DL: Integration of Deep-Learning into Distributed Intelligent Systems with Applications in Robotics and Computer Vision.)
  • Open IT platforms for sustainability and the energy transition (Open District Hub @ Bochum-Weitmar)

Big Data Success Stories

Presentation of our projects in the field of industry.


Open platform for industrial data analysis with virtualized controllers.