Industriy 4.0 Retrofitting

More efficiency in existing machines

A key function of Industrie 4.0 applications is the acquisition of process data by means of powerful sensor technology. Detailed system diagnostics and optimization form the basis for increased performance and efficiency.

Implementing Industrie 4.0 applications usually requires cost-intensive investments in new infrastructures as well as the replacement of existing machines due to missing Industrie 4.0 interfaces and insufficiently accessible machine data. More cost-efficient are so-called retrofitting solutions, which functionally upgrade existing machines and integrate them into an Industrie 4.0 network.

Fraunhofer IOSB-INA develops retrofitting solutions based on intelligent sensor systems, cloud connections and machine learning methods for data analysis. Without high investments, these enable processes to be made simpler in the future and to gain more transparency, control, plannability, security and flexibility in one's own production. These range from mobile production data acquisition systems in suitcase format for potential studies to permanently installable retrofit solutions. Our machine learning processes ensure intelligent evaluation of your production data.


  1. Potential studies for operators of technical systems: We take into account the existing technical infrastructure and the specific requirements while investigating the economic and technical potential through the implementation of retrofitting solutions.
  2. Conception, implementation and integration of retrofitting: The focus is on synchronized measurement value acquisition, sensor data fusion and preprocessing, connection to cloud systems and intelligent data analysis.
  3. Customized training programs: We bring your company up to date with the latest technology and research and train you in the use of retrofitting technologies.



  1. Interdisciplinary know-how in the fields of mechanical and plant engineering, automation technology, information and communication technologies, data science as well as hardware and software development
  2. Real-Laboratory SmartFactoryOWL with Industry 4.0 production facilities, labs for cybersecurity and Big Data Analytics
  3. INAsense Mobile Production Data Acquisition System and Smart Sensor Edge Node
  4. Machine learning algorithms for machine data analysis in discrete, continuous, and hybrid production systems.
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Produktionsdatenerfassungssystem INAsense: Eine kompakte und mobile Einheit zum Erfassen unterschiedlichster Sensordaten, deren Vorverarbeitung und Übermittlung in die Cloud bietet die Basis für ein von Fraunhofer entwickeltes Vorgehensmodell, das die schrittweise Digitalisierung und (Nachrüstung) für Unternehmen unterstützt.

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