Application area indoor localization with omlox

Localization of objects (material, tools, machine parts) is essential in digital production. Fraunhofer IOSB-INA is testing localization solutions at SmartFactoryOWL and the 5G application centerestablished there. Now, a new and very special interoperable and open localization solution called omlox has been successfully installed in SmartFactoryOWL. omlox is an open real-time localization standard which enables the interoperability of different localization technologies & services. A cross-manufacturer provision of localization services thus becomes possible. 

IOSB-INA contributes to the standardization and further development of omlox in the omlox working groups Test and Use-Cases.

Further information on omlox is available at: 


Our range of services:

  • Implementation and testing of position-dependent services in the SmartFactoryOWL (real production environment).
  • Implementation and testing of new use cases as pilot applications
  • Studies on coexistence with other radio-based systems (e.g. 5G).
  • Investigations into the interoperability of different omlox-based localization solutions (e.g. from different manufacturers)
  • Performance tests (accuracy, robustness) in a real production environment

Core benefits:

  • More transparency in production through asset tracking
  • Enrichment of data with location information
  • New applications based on location information


  • SmartFactoryOWL with flexible support plates under the hall ceiling to accommodate infrastructure for indoor localization
  • INArice traverse system for mobile recording of infrastructure for indoor localization in combination with process data acquisition
  • omlox infrastructure in SmartFactoryOWL with 8 satellites and tags from Trumpf with a localization accuracy of up to 30 cm
  • 3D Lift System Hermann for performing localization tests in 3D space
  • 5G campus network to perform coexistence tests with omlox components

References / Publications:

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  • Project positioning of production equipment based on Bluetooth beacons and single board computers
  • Project to develop a localization function for a software solution for the automated, personalized recording of product purchases on a smartphone/Bluetooth basis.
  • Projects for the localization of a handheld screwdriver based on optical sensors to support manual screwdriving processes in industry
  • Flatt, Holger; Koch, Nils ; Guenter, Andrei; Röcker, Carsten; Jasperneite, Jürgen: A Context-Aware Assistance System for Maintenance Applications in Smart Factories based on Augmented Reality and Indoor Localization. In: IEEE International Conference on Emerging Technologies and Factory Automation (ETFA 2015), Luxembourg, Sep. 2015
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First Omlox Plugfest at SmartFactoryOWL

The very first OMLOX Plugfest took place recently and provided a platform for networking, professional exchange and collegial cooperation...


Reference project: Testing of localization applications

3D lift system

    Mit dem 3D-Liftsystem "Hermann" kann die Leistung von Indoorlokalisierungslösungen im dreidimensionalen Raum getestet werden. Dazu werden die Tags an dem System montiert und automatisch an reproduzierbare Positionen verfahren. Diese Tests finden unter den realen industriellen Bedingungen in der SmartFactoryOWL statt.

Support plates on the ceiling of the hall

The SmartFactoryOWL is equipped with 24 universally usable support plates under the hall ceiling, on which antennas, for example, can be easily installed temporarily for tests.