Project AWARE Work 4.0

User interfaces of industrial assistance systems


According to the current state of the art, intelligent assistance systems, e.g. in assembly, are capable of significantly optimizing complex and error-prone production processes. However, there is still untapped potential with regard to individual and demand-oriented support for human-centered use. Our goal was therefore to implement an augmented reality assistance function that dynamically adapts to the process requirements and the user (groups).


Technological objective

Based on various use cases, we developed an application to map and reflect the conceptual use cases: Here, the focus was on a generic orientation in order not to have a fundamental focus on a "specific" application space.


Test yourself

Via the following link we give you the opportunity to test our application and leave us feedback:


To use the app, the free Apple app 'Testflight' must first be installed on the iOS device. The link can then be used on the device to download and install the app.


How we can support you in operational practice

  • Developing a solid, user-friendly AR solution 
  • Adaptation to your operational challenges 
  • Training and education in the use of AR