Project start AutoS²

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The decision to fund the it's OWL innovation project AutoS² - Automatic Safety and Security Assessment System for Intelligent Machines - was already made in February 2020. Despite the Covid 19 pandemic, all formalities have now been fulfilled in order to receive the funding decision from the State Ministry for Economic Affairs, Innovation, Digitalization and Energy (MWIDE).

The special circumstances also required a virtual project start. Those responsible for the project took a whole day to agree together online on the concrete questions and contents of the project. The project is a building block of the common vision

Machine Safety 2030

  • Safety in an industrial context brings attractive added values and competitive advantages instead of an end in itself/regulation
  • Automatic and continuous assessment of machine safety (Safety & Security)


AutoS² pursues goals that are seen by the project partners as a necessary basis for enabling the successive implementation of the Machine Safety 2030 vision in further projects:

  • Definition of a catalogue of characteristics for properties to describe safety
  • Semantics for a uniform understanding and formalisation of safety characteristics
  • Translation of expert knowledge/test questions into an assessment algorithm
  • Comprehensible data basis, data authenticity
  • Creation of a reference implementation

Learn more

On 30 September 2020 at 14:00, the project will be presented to all interested parties at CENTRUM INDUSTIAL IT (CIIT) in Lemgo. At the same time, we want to hear your requirements and ideas about the future of machine safety (Safety & Security). Are you interested in the event or in the progress of the project? Then write this in an email to:


Prof. Trsek, Institute for Industrial Information Technology (inIT): "The automated evaluation of security and safety is an essential key to the implementation of adaptable, flexible production plants."

Dr. Benk, PHOENIX CONTACT Electronics: "Continuously ensuring safety and security for reconfigurable machines and systems is extremely time-consuming manually. AutoS² pursues a simple autonomous plug & play strategy for this, which we want to actively promote and help shape for our industry."

Dimitri Harder, TÜV SÜD Product Service: "To date, there are no semantics for Safety & Security and we need to create a reference implementation as a basis for discussion in the various standardisation bodies."

Philip Kleen, project manager from Fraunhofer IOSB-INA: "I am pleased to be able to advance this important topic with very experienced project partners."