10 reasons to work at Fraunhofer

  1. Popular employer
    The Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft is one of the most popular employers for graduates in Germany.
  2. Good reputation
    The employees are qualified and work problem-oriented.
  3. Young colleagues 
    The average age of the scientific staff is less than 40 years.
  4. Social competence
    Everyone is a team member, which promotes social skills and trains communication. At the same time, flat hierarchies are practiced.
  5. Freedom of research
    Within the framework of the institute's orientation and the research policy framework, ideas can become products and theories can become practice.
  6. Qualification for the profession
    Graduates can gain practical qualifications for a job in industry. There is close cooperation between the institutes and industry. On average, ten percent of employees move to industry each year.
  7. Topics for promotions
    The projects offer topics for doctoral studies.
  8. Continuing education
    Fraunhofer invests money in qualification through continuing education. Seminars in eLearning, training and professional development are designed and organized for all employees.
  9. Good working conditions
    Survey results from new employees confirm: the best laboratory equipment, a very good working atmosphere, attractive tasks, a high level of personal responsibility, and measures for balancing family and career.
  10. Runway for self-employment
    Fraunhofer helps with advice, equipment and personnel support when taking the step into self-employment.