Secure Big Data

Learning Lab Cybersecurity

Demonstration | Threat scenario

This demonstrator receives large amounts of data from the SmartFactoryOWL via a 10 Gbit/s fiber connection and evaluates security-relevant system & network events with ElasticSearch. A server of the Big Data Cluster secures the access to the production facilities.

Demonstration Secure Big Data in the SmartFactoryOWL


  • Big Data computing cluster with five servers each:
  • 28 physical CPU cores / 56 logical CPU cores
  • 256 GB RAM
  • 2 x 10 GBit/s Fiber optic data connection
  • Gigamon network tap for 10 GBit/s fiber optics

Benefit | Further training possibility

The demonstrator represents an easily realizable security solution for production. The safeguarding between a Big Data application and the production is the central aspect of an advanced training.

Research Purpose

In the future, Secure Big Data can be used to explore highly scalable security solutions. In addition, the transfer of IT security solutions to the production environment can be investigated. The demonstrator offers new analysis methods for specific production requirements