Project AI Trainer: Training of AI ambassadors in SMEs

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Rapid progress in the field of artificial intelligence combined with technological development is leading to a surge in innovation. To ensure future competitiveness, the topic is now also becoming relevant for German SMEs. There is potential for the use of AI technologies in all areas of business. While an average of 25% of large companies in the manufacturing sector already use AI technologies, only 15% of SMEs report using these technologies. SMEs therefore need support in successfully applying the key AI technology in order to further expand their competitiveness. Companies that do not yet have any expertise in this field should be informed and enabled to apply AI technologies and thus further develop their own company. For this purpose, the competence center implements SME-specific measures on the topic of AI.


Solution approach

The topic of artificial intelligence is a very complex one and therefore raises many questions, especially for SMEs. 

  • The first step is therefore to provide information and address possible SME-specific issues on this topic. This forms the foundation for further measures. 
  • The next step is to familiarize the customer with application areas and possibilities for AI technologies that are suitable for medium-sized businesses. 
  • Subsequently, the acquired technology knowledge can be transferred to the own company. As a result, SMEs are able to make statements about the possible application of AI technologies in their own company. 
  • In a final step, SMEs are enabled to successfully apply solutions from the field of AI in their own companies. 

In order to sustainably establish the findings in the companies, it is the objective of Digital in NRW to train AI ambassadors in SMEs with the help of the AI trainers of the Competence Center, who promote the application of AI technologies and serve as central contact persons for the respective measures. With its experience from the Initiative Mittelstand Digital as well as its proven expertise for SMEs, Digital in NRW is the ideal partner and companion in the training of AI ambassadors in SMEs.


Project title: AI Trainer: Training of AI Ambassadors in SMEs
Runtime: 01.08.2019 - 31.12.2020
Promotion: Competence Center SMEs - Digital in NRW
Destination: Training of AI ambassadors in SMEs