Projekt AI-Marktplatz

Welcome to the website of the KI Marktplatz project. Here you will find information about the project as well as current event information and contact persons.


The use of artificial intelligence can significantly increase the quality and efficiency of product creation processes. Whether automating technology scouting or optimizing design data - the potential of artificial intelligence in product creation is manifold. Product creation is the driving force behind product innovations in Germany and was responsible for sales of around €710 billion in 2015. In addition, product creation is decisive for subsequent production costs, as up to 85% of manufacturing costs are already determined here.

Bridging the gap between product creation and artificial intelligence is absolutely necessary to tap the potential intelligently. However, manufacturing companies often lack the resources and expertise to use AI profitably for themselves.  Solution providers, in turn, lack access to customers or the necessary domain knowledge. This is precisely where we come in with the AI marketplace, by creating a platform for providers and buyers, and in particular by supporting small and medium-sized enterprises in making artificial intelligence usable for themselves.


Solution approach

In the AI Marketplace project, an ecosystem for artificial intelligence in product creation is being created. The hub of the ecosystem is a digital platform of the same name. The platform brings together AI experts, solution providers and manufacturing companies and promotes joint innovations. As part of the project, the digital platform will be built and successively expanded with functionalities that enable joint development of AI solutions for product creation and provision of these solutions. Starting with an intelligent partner brokerage for use cases of AI in product creation, through a data room for product creation, to a construction kit for AI development, the AI marketplace provides the players on the platform with essential tools for the development of innovative AI solutions. In doing so, the AI marketplace relies on a trust-based concept with a corresponding IT architecture that enables data sovereignty and fair transaction mechanisms. Furthermore, AI applications will be made available via the marketplace right from the start.


Project title: AI Marketplace: Ecosystem for Artificial Intelligence in Production
Runtime:  24 months
Promotion: Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie (BMWI) / Spitzencluster it's OWL
Goal: AI platform for developers, suppliers and consumers, focus on SMEs