LoRaWAN Testing: Test environment for development and testing of LoRaWAN products

LoRaWAN Testing is a complete test environment for checking applications based on the LoRaWAN radio technology. The test environment consists of a LoRaWAN gateway, a LoRaWAN server, a LoRaWAN app server, and a test framework.

Application developers can define test cases by defining inputs from the application and matching them with received outputs from the LoRaWAN gateway.

When used for industrial products, the test environment is extended by software modules to also cover test scenarios according to the IT security standard IEC-62443.


  • Test environment based on the Python programming language
  • Easy integration into existing tools
  • Complete control over communication participants
  • Independent of existing LoRaWAN infrastructure

Fields of application

  • Application area Secure development process according to IEC-62443: LoRaWAN-Testing supports application developers and testers of LoRaWAN-based products with a fully automated test environment. Extensions additionally enable the coverage of test scenarios according to IEC-62443.
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The LoRaWAN gateway is integrated into the test framework and can be operated fully automatically via a REST interface.
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LoRaWAN Testing provides a complete and independent test environment for LoRaWAN applications.
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The user interface (web server) of the LoRaWAN gateway provides configuration and operating options.